Hill Fishing

The hill lochs make up by far the greatest number of fishing lochs on the islands. There are hundreds of lochs and lochans dotted over the three islands of Eriskay, Benbecula and South Uist that are included in the hill loch permit.

The islands of Benbecula and South Uist offer the widest choice of fishing and ample opportunity to move from one loch to another for a change of scenery or better fishing.

Set on the higher peat land among the rising land to the east of the islands, the lochs are darker and the fish generally smaller than in the machair lochs. However, the occasional large fish is caught in the hills and the fish are well known for being serious fighters when hooked.

Though some of the lochs are easily accessible from the road, many require a good walk into the hills of South Uist, or the rolling land on the east of Benbecula. If you want to walk into the hills for an hour or three to fish a loch with only the deer and eagles for company then this is the place for you.