End of Season Report 2015

Fishing Report 2015 24/11/15
The brown trout season started of slow in mid-April with wet and very cold conditions and it wasn’t until mid-June that catches improved. Weather continued to stay unsettled despite the time of year with wind and rain on most days making it challenging to land a fish or two. Nevertheless our trout season ended up an excellent one and similar to 2014.
The machair lochs proved popular as always with visiting anglers with Upper Kildonan and Lower Bornish being the most productive lochs this year, producing almost 1,000 fish between them. The best fish being 3lbs from both lochs. Return rate was 80% from both lochs which is fantastic and ensures our numbers and quality stock for the future.
Total catch numbers across all Storas Uibhist brown trout lochs which have a boat was 2,159 with an average weight of 15ozs. Best fish of the season from Loch Bee was 8lbs 4ozs by Mr Lyburn on the 15th June.
Overall return rate was 83%. Most improved loch 2015 season was Grogarry with catches up 190%.
Best Trout from each of the lochs, when caught and season’s total.
East Bee 8lbs 4ozs Mid-June 154
West Ollay 5lbs Early May 81
Grogarry 4lbs 8ozs Early June 87
Stilligarry 3lbs 4ozs Mid-June 183
Hallan 4lbs Early September 90
Lower Bornish 3lbs End of May and Early June 415
Upper Kildonan 3lbs Mid-September 526
Mill 2lbs Early June 134
Mid Ollay 2lb 8ozs End of May 94
Altabrug 2lbs Early June 233
Upper Bornish 2lbs 8ozs End of August 67
Lower Kildonan 2lbs End of August 42
Druidibeag 1lb 8ozs mid-June / mid Aug 45
Bal-Finlay 2lbs 14ozs Early June 1
Castle 1lb 8ozs Early September 7

Seatrout catches are down on 2014 but do compare to figures in 2002 and figures are even lower in previous years. Fluctuation in numbers is quite normal as can be seen historically, however, Seatrout numbers are important to the fishery and to the islands economy and it’s important we continue to ensure their habitat is maintained and Anglers also continue to do their bit by readily returning fish, especially the larger fish which will help guarantee our future stocks.
Total Seatrout for 2015 was 372 with an average weight of 1lbs 15ozs. Best fish caught was on loch Roag of 8lbs by Mr Coyne on the 16th of September.
As with the brown trout fishing, the Seatrout was no different with challenging conditions on most days. With the poor weather on many of the weeks lots of fish appeared lazy coming up to the fly and not taking, others also just coming short, frustrating though it was, it nice to see the fish were there.
Overall return rate was 80%. Most improved loch 2015 season for Seatrout was Lower Kildonan with catches up 55%.
Best Seatrout from each of the lochs, when caught and Seasons Total.
Roag 8lbs Mid-September 111
Castle 7lbs 8ozs End of August 12
Lower Kildonan 5lb 8ozs End of August 54
Fada 5lbs 8ozs End of August 108
Schoolhouse 5lbs 8ozs End of September 32
Upper Kildonan 4lbs Mid-September 1
Mill 3lbs Mid-August 8
Bharp 2lb 12ozs Early August 16
Druidibeag 2lbs Mid-August 3
North Ford 5lb 4ozs Mid-June 22
Stilligarry 1lb 8ozs Early September 2
Lower Bornish 1lb 4ozs Early June 2
East Bee 1lb 4ozs Late June 1
August and September were the better months for catches as there were more rods on the ground. October turned out a more disappointing month than we anticipated, combined with less anglers on the ground. Unfortunately weather conditions had an impact on what was caught by the few anglers that were out.
Most of the fish for October were caught on Roag and Fada. Best form Roag was, Mr Towns 1 @ 3lbs 12ozs, Mr MacInnes 1 @ 5lbs, Mr Davidson 1 @ 4lbs 8ozs. On Fada, Mr MacInnes 1 @ 4lbs, Mr Campbell 1@ 4lbs, Mr Davidson 1@ 4lbs, Mr Ancara 1 @ 4lbs.
Total finnock recorded for the 2015 season was 154 against 466 recorded in 2014.

Salmon catches were down on 2014 from 56 to 47 for 2015, with numbers remaining low for the third year. Disappointing though they are, numbers have been at these levels in the past and for longer periods. Best loch in 2015 was Roag with a total of 18 Salmon caught best fish was 10lbs landed by Mr Towns end of September.
Best Salmon from each of the lochs, when caught and Seasons Total.
Bharp 8lbs 8ozs mid-Sep 6
Lower Kildonan 10lbs mid-Aug 11
Mill 8lbs 8ozs early-Sep 2
Roag 10lbs late-Sep 18
Fada 6lbs 8ozs early-Oct 9
Schoolhouse 5lbs early-Aug 1

Most improved loch this season for Salmon was Lower Kildonan with a total of 11 fish caught, best fish was 10lbs landed by Mr Marshall Mid-August.
Return rate this year was better, at 59% compared to 43% in 2014, a much improved figure and this improvement needs to continue until salmon numbers show signs of recovery.

For detailed catch reports and some historic catch information please follow this link

Catch Information

Fishery works completed during 2015
To help improve brown trout catches from West Ollay the burn between West Ollay and Altabrug a distance of 1,530 metres was cleaned out of heavy vegetation and silt in August of this year, which will help the movement of fish from Altabrug to West Ollay.
The burn from Ali’s Loch (Howbeg), some 200 metres, was been cleared in October with a view to have the loch back in use as it used to be in the 60’s and 70’s.
The burn between loch Spogarry that flows into Mid Ollay, some 200 metres, was also cleared in October, which will help the spawning and movement of fish.
Additional gravel was put on the access track to the boat station and car parking to Loch Bharp.
Additional gravel was added on the access track to the Mill Loch boat station.
The fishing hut at loch Fada completely refurbished.
New fishing hut at loch Roag for the 2016 season.

Fishery works planned 2016
Kildonan Glen Burn Clearing on the upper reaches and Gravelling
Mid Ollay area Burn Clearing
Grogarry Burn Cleaning and gravelling where needed.
Benbecula Burn Cleaning
Other Burns to be accessed for gravel amounts in spawning areas are, Hornary River and the Bharp system.
Small repairs on the Dams at upper Roag and Loch Stulaval.
New Fishing huts at Grogarry and Bharp.