2015 Reports

Fishing Report September 2015

Since the end for August Brown Trout catches have remained steady and now as we reach the end of the season it certainly looks to have been a much better year than in 2014 despite our cold start in April, May and well into June.

Salmon and Sea Trout catches have remained slow although anglers are seeing fish continually tempting them to take has been a little trickier, however sea trout catches do appear to have picked up recently, with a month to go until the end of the season we are hopeful catch numbers and weather continue to improve.

Notable catches on lochs in Aug / Sept and early Oct on both Brown Trout and Salmon and Sea Trout.

Brown Trout

East Bee 4 for 120ozs Best 48ozs Patterson Party
Grogarry 1 for 48ozs Barnett Party, Grogarry Lodge
Stilligarry 7 for 112ozs Best 40ozs Ogg / Glover Party
West Ollay 5 for 124ozs Best 44ozs Ogg / Glover party
Bornish 7 for 136ozs Best 36ozs Ogg / Glover party
Bornish 6 for 124 ozs Best 36ozs Ogg / Glover party
Bornish 8 for 178 ozs Best 40ozs Barnett Party, Grogarry Lodge
Bornish 2 for 88 ozs Best 48ozs Welsh / MacArthur
Bornish 5 for 88 ozs Best 32 ozs Mr Chalmers
Upper Kildonan 24 for 368 ozs Best 36ozs Ogg / Glover
Upper Kildonan 17 for 270 ozs Best 28ozs Barnett Party, Grogarry Lodge
Upper Kildonan 11 for 184 ozs Best 48ozs Kaufmann / Grone
Hallan 8 for 201 ozs Best 64 ozs Vaughan / Hammond

Sea Trout

Bharp 3 for 108 ozs Best 44ozs Mr Kennedy
Bharp 1 for 37 ozs Ogg / Glover Party
Mill 2 for 56 ozs Best 40ozs Mr Kennedy
Mill 1 for 48 Stockwood party Grogarry Lodge
Fada 2 for 120ozs Best 88ozs Colin Riach Party Grogarry Lodge
Fada 2 for 124ozs Best 72ozs Mr Harrop
Fada 1 for 72ozs Mullholland / Ayre
Fada 5 for 156ozs Best 64ozs Ogg / Glover Party
Fada 2 for 56ozs Best 40ozs Towns / Quinn
Fada 4 for 80ozs Best 24ozs Mr Chrystal
Fada 4 for 64ozs Best 64ozs Kaufmann / Grone
Roag 2 for 84ozs Best 72ozs Fletcher
Roag 4 for 238ozs Best 74ozs Colin Riach, Grogarry Lodge
Roag 3 for 80ozs Best 40ozs Mr D I Jones
Roag 3 for 176ozs Best 128ozs Mr Coyne
Roag 4 for 136ozs Best 64ozs Towns / Quinn
Roag 1 for 60 ozs Mr Towns
Roag 1 for 64ozs Mr Valentine
Lower Kildonan 1 for 88ozs Mr Fletcher
Lower Kildonan 2 for 124ozs Best 76ozs Colin Riach party Grogarry Lodge
Lower Kildonan 2 for 64ozs Best 36ozs Barnett party Grogarry Lodge
Lower Kildonan 1 for 48ozs Paul Jowett party
Castle 1 for 120ozs Paul Jowett party
Castle 4 for 136ozs Best 64ozs Mr Towns
Schoolhouse 3 for 116ozs Best 28ozs Mulholland / Ayre
Schoolhouse 4 for 92ozs Best 36ozs Mr Millian
Schoolhouse 1 for 88ozs Best 88ozs Mr Steel Party, Driomor House
Schoolhouse 4 for 96 ozs Best 36ozs Mr Towns


Bharp 1 for 136 ozs Mr Kennedy
Lower Kildonan 1 for 160 ozs Mr Marshall
Lower Kildonan 1 for 128 ozs Paterson party
Fada 1 for 96 ozs Mr Kennedy
Fada 1 for 96 ozs Kaufmann / Grone
Fada 1 for 96 ozs Mr Towns
Roag 2 for 160 ozs Best 80ozs Stockwood Party Grogarry
Roag 2 for 152 ozs Best 80ozs Mr Chrystal
Roag 1 for 128 ozs Mr Dickon Wood
Roag 1 for 160 ozs Mr Towns
Roag 1 for 128 ozs Mr Sturt

Popular flies throughout these periods:

Brown Trout:
Black Pennell, Olive Bumble, Green Peter, Grouse & Claret, Silver Butcher, Clan Chief.

Sea Trout & Salmon:
Black Pennell, Claret Bumble, Goats Toe, Bruiser, Kate Mc Laren, Executioner, Teal blue & silver, Silver Delphi.

Fishing Report August 2015

Brown Trout

Since the second half of July and now nearing the end of August most lochs have remained lightly fished, mainly due to bad weather and not having boats on the waters consistently some lochs though have remained popular and anglers have enjoying good days out when weather settled.

Weather has played its part continually this season and anglers have been at its mercy each week with never ending rain keeping the trout lochs higher than usual. Winds also remained strong at times through all the months making fishing difficult.

Despite the unusually very wet and windy conditions the last few months, overall catches are near normal for 2015 and with a month left it looks to have been a good season despite the cold start.

Some notable catches on Brown Trout mid-July to the end of August:

East Bee.
Ferguson / Brady 4 Best was 32ozs
Mr Cook 8 Best was 32ozs
Stock Wood Party 2 Best was 32ozs
Robert Cardo 7 Best was 44ozs

Howitt / Craig 2 Best was 32ozs
Robert Cardo 5 Best was 64ozs

Howitt / Craig 4 Best was 32ozs
Davidson / Davidson 7 Best was 32ozs
Mr & Mrs Varley 7 Best was 24ozs

West Ollay.
Mr Taylor 1 for 72ozs
Trout quest 3 Best was 40ozs
Davidson / Davidson 3 Best was 40ozs
Mr / Mrs Varley 3 Best was 18ozs
Mr Taylor 4 Best was 20ozs

Lower Bornish.
Trout quest 9 Best was 36ozs
Howitt / Craig 11 Best was 24ozs
Davidson / Davidson 18 Best was 40ozs
Bamforth / West 14 Best was 36ozs

Upper Kildonan.
Trout quest 21 Best was 24ozs
McPhail Party 13 Best was 28ozs
Bamforth 11 Best was 20ozs
JP and MJ Bostock 14 Best was 29ozs

Salmon and Sea Trout Numbers to date and best fish since the end of June across the fishery.

With so must water in the systems the year it’s been difficult to tell what numbers have come in and with that have possibly spread throughout the systems more than usual for the time of year which probably not a bad thing for the fish. Hopefully September will be a more settled month for catches to improve.

Fish were being seen in all the systems from early on this year so prospects were good for an early fish but few anglers were about at that point which meant lochs were lightly fished.

Salmon catches appear to be on the same track on numbers as last year which is disappointing, with all the water this year we had hoped for a slightly better grilse run.

Sea trout number are down at this stage compared to this time last year weather conditions have played its part as always with catches, September can still be a good month for sea trout certainly been the case in the past.

A total of 18 salmon have been caught from the main systems, Bharp, Kildonan, Roag, and Fada, with the best fish from Lower kildonan of 160ozs Bharp 96ozs, Roag 128ozs, Fada 96ozs.

The sea trout numbers across all systems total 80 to date with best fish coming from, Bharp 44ozs, Lower Kildonan 68ozs, Roag, 76ozs, Fada 76ozs. Benbecula Sea Pools 80ozs.

Catch up on all catch total on Fish Hebrides or Storas Uibhist Fishing.com

Popular flies during the period:
Brown Trout, Golden Olive Bumble, Soldier Palmer, Loch Ordie, Silver Invicta,
Sea Trout, Kate McLaren, Clan Chief, Claret Bumble, Goats Toe,
Salmon, Teal Blue and Silver, Black Pennell, Claret Bumble, Goats Toe.

15th July 2015

Since the last report which was the end of May, weather has continued to be unsettled with record amounts for rain falling for the time of year. May was cold and wet with strong winds at times which kept going well into June, but despite the conditions there were some good catches recorded. This was not so much in May but June has been good with nice baskets recorded on most days when anglers were fortunate enough to catch during the better spells of weather.

Some notable day catches from the period 27th May to 15th July 2015 –


Parks Party – 14 – Best was 24ozs
Heaton / Ellisdon – 5 – Best was 24ozs
MacDougall – 4 – Best was 16ozs
Peden Party – 9 – Best was 24ozs

Best fish from Hallan during this period was 32ozs caught on the 18th June on the Black Pennell.

Upper Kildonan

Gardener / Somerfield – 13 – Best was 16ozs
Pearson / Canon – 21 – Best was 16ozs
Smith – 17 – Best was 16ozs
Buist – 22 – Best was 20ozs
Anderson – 14 – Best was 20ozs

Best fish from Upper Kildonan during this period was 2 @ 32ozs caught by the Watson party and Dunbar party on the 12th and 25th June on the Soldier Palmer and Kate McLaren Muddler.

Lower Bornish

Gardener / Somerfield – 18 – Best was 32ozs
Towns / Neilson – 11 – Best was 48ozs
Buist – 17 – Best was 40ozs
Anderson – 17 – Best was 32ozs
Campbell – 7 – Best was 48ozs

Best fish from Lower Bornish during this period was 2 @ 48ozs by Mr Neilson and Mr Campbell on the 30th May and 9th June on the Claret Bumble and Kate McLaren.

West Ollay

Waterson party – 6 – Best was 32ozs
Buist – 7 – Best was 20ozs
Peden Party – 7 – Best was 40ozs
MacNab – 4 – Best was 48ozs

Best fish from West Ollay during this period was 52ozs caught by Mr Towns on the 29th May on the Claret Bumble.

Other Individual fish for West Ollay

Peden Party 1 for 40ozs
Faye / Murdoch 1 for 48ozs
Dunbar Party 2 for 76ozs


Penny / Johnson – 9 – Best was 48ozs
Towns / Neilson – 7 – Best was 20ozs
Argo Party – 6 – Best was 52ozs
Dunbar Party – 9 – Best was 48oz
Wilson – 6 – Best was 28ozs

Best fish from Stilligarry during the period was 52ozs caught by the Argo Party 19th June on the Bibio.

Waterson Party – 2 – Best was 64ozs
Sturt – 5 – Best was 48ozs
Jowett – 2 – Best was 64ozs
Buist – 5 – Best was 40ozs
Peden Party – 5 – Best was 20ozs

Best fish Grogarry during this period was 72ozs caught by the Dunbar party on the 8th June on the Pearly Invicta.

Other individual fish from Grogarry

Wigglesworth – 1 for 40ozs
Wychlealery – 1 for 56ozs
Wiseman – 1 for 52ozs
Dunbar Party – 1 for 72ozs

East Bee

Ferguson / Dunn – 6 – Best was 28ozs
Buist – 8 – Best was 40ozs
Heaton / Ellisdon – 9 – Best was 44ozs
Anderson – 19 – Best was 32ozs
Mackenzie / Felton – 12 – Best was 72ozs

Best Fish from East Bee during this period was 132ozs caught by Allan Lyburn 15th June 2015 on a Teal Blue and Silver variant.

Popular flies during the period –

Black Pennell, Doobry, Teal Blue and silver, Soldier Palmer, Muddlers, Blue Zulu, Clan Chief, Kate Mc Laren, Claret Bumble, Invicta, Wickham’s Fancy, Golden Olive Bumble, Mallard and Claret, Green Peter, Hawthorn, Red Cardinal.

12th June 2015

Despite fishing conditions being unsettled since the start of the season catches have been reasonable with all things considered certainly this must be the longest spell of unsettled weather on record so far into this season. Lochs which have been performing during this spell have been Mid Ollay, Bornish, Upper Kildonan Stilligarry, Loch Bee and Grogarry.
The larger brownies between 4-5lbs caught so far this year have been from Grogarry and West Ollay, East Bee and it’s Grogarry that leads the way at the moment on the bigger trout.
Mid Ollay, Bornish, have had nice baskets coming off on days when weather allowed the best being on the 2lb 8ozs mark.
In terms of numbers Upper Kildonan has been very productive with nice baskets coming off on some days, 20 being the best of fish between 10ozs to 1lb.
With weather now beginning to settle and lochs now finally beginning to drop, anglers can now enjoy there week of uninterrupted fishing.

Some notable catches recently –
Simmons party – 3 rods best day of there week on Lower Bornish with 17, with best fish being 1lb 12ozs.
Mr Penny / Johnson – Best days in there week were on Bornish with 7, and the best 1lb 8ozs, Stilligarry with 9 and the best 3lbs.
Mr Ferguson / Dunn – Best days of there week were on East bee with 6, and the best was 1lb 8ozs, Upper Kildonan with 20, and the best was 1lb, Stilligarry with 3, and the best was 1lb 8ozs.
Mr Somerfield / Gardener – Best days of there week were on, Grogarry with 5, and the best 1lb, Mid Ollay with 12, best 1lb, Bornish 18, and the best was 2lbs.
Mr Gillies – fishing West Ollay 22/5/15 had a lovely fish of 4lb 4ozs.

Next month sees the salmon and Sea trout season open, migratory systems look healthy with water levels higher than in past years which all looks promising and possibly even from early July this year.

April / May 2015

April began unsettled and continues to be the case as we near the end of May, lochs are also unusually high for the time of year, signs now they are beginning to drop and hopefully feel an added bonus of some warmer winds.
As expected lochs remain lightly fished with only few fish caught given the conditions, here a few early highlights.

30/04/15 – Mr Hipkins – Stilligarry – 1 @ 2lb 8ozs
05/05/15 – Gauld Party – West Ollay – 1 @ 5lbs
08/05/15 – Mr MacDonald – Grogarry – 1 @ 3lbs
08/05/15 – Mr MacKay – Stilligarry – 13 for 17lbs – best 2lbs 4ozs
09/05/15 – Mr Kennedy – West Ollay – 1 @ 3lb 12ozs
13/05/15 – Mr Hansjorg – Stilligarry – 1 @1lb 14ozs

Over the next few weeks more anglers will be with us, and with rising temperatures catches should improve as we move into June.