2016 Report

Storas Uibhist Fishing Report 2016. 2016 proved yet again to be an excellent season with catches on brown Trout recorded at 2165 of fish over 10ozs. Average weight was 15ozs majority of fish were caught in June and August and a returning percentage of 87%. Best lochs in terms of numbers caught were, Upper Kildonan, Stillgarry and Grogarry. Heaviest fish from the popular machair lochs came from, West Ollay 5lbs 12ozs, East Bee, 4lbs 12ozs, Upper Kildonan 3lbs 8ozs, Grogarry 3lbs 8ozs, Stilligarry 3lbs, Lower Bornish, 3lbs, Mid Ollay 2lbs, Hallan 2lbs 4ozs, Druidibeag 2lbs, All other remaining lochs on the rota, Upper Bornish, Loch aird an Sgairbh, Altabrug, Mill, their best fish were 1lb 8ozs to just under 2lbs. Lochs such as Altabrug, Druidibeag, Mill, Sgairbh, and castle had much higher numbers recorded unfortunately a number of them were under 10ozs so are not included in the main summary and all were returned safely. Seatrout overall numbers were slightly better this year although some systems performed better than others we continue to monitor and make improvements where necessary to improve the areas where catches are low. Salmon catches were again slightly better this year an increase of 20% overall and more encouragingly seeing more fish showing on some of the lochs. Lochs that faired not as well we continue to monitor to improve. Catches this year were best in July and October for some reason nevertheless after a good start to the season nice to know they were there at the end also. The three new fishing huts are now complete on Grogarry, Lower Bornish, and Roag and the introduction of new boats to our fleet we look forward to 2017 season for all our visiting anglers to come and enjoy. Brown trout summary 2016, Loch Fish Caught Average Weight Best Fish Upper Kildonan 355 13ozs 56ozs Mill Loch 210 11ozs 28ozs East Bee 101 18ozs 76ozs West Ollay 52 37ozs 92ozs Druidibeag 110 10ozs 32ozs Fada 43 12ozs 32ozs East Bee. SUAC 17 15ozs 72ozs Altabrug 216 11ozs 28ozs Lower Kildonan 90 13ozs 24ozs Mid Ollay 80 17ozs 32ozs Castle 32 12ozs 16ozs Hallan 96 15ozs 38ozs Stilligarry 251 17ozs 48ozs Grogarry 132 26ozs 56ozs Lower Bornish 182 16ozs 48ozs Upper Bornish 112 12ozs 28ozs Roag 35 17ozs 36ozs Loch aird an Sgairbh 51 13ozs 24ozs Best brownie caught in May was 92ozs by Mr Pearson on West Ollay. { Ghillied by Ian Kennedy} Some notable day catches in the season, Stilligarry in May 19 for 264ozs best was 28ozs. West Ollay in May 4 for 244ozs best was 92ozs. Grogarry in June 7 for 296ozs best was 53ozs. Hallan in June 11 for 256ozs best was 38ozs. Bornish in June 10 for 192ozs best was 20ozs. Upper Kildonan in August 24 for 560ozs best was 38ozs. West Ollay in September 5 for 164ozs best was 44ozs. Stilligarry in September 6 for 169ozs best was 48ozs. Bornish in September 9 for 132ozs best was 28ozs. Sea Trout Summary 2016 Bharp 28 22ozs 32ozs Mill 8 30ozs 56ozs Upper Mill 1 16ozs 16ozs Lower Kildonan 28 24ozs 48ozs Fada 155 28ozs 128ozs Roag 165 27ozs 160ozs Schoolhouse 32 30ozs 88ozs Castle 12 12ozs 64ozs South Ford 10 26ozs 32ozs Best Sea Trout caught in July was 160ozs by Mr Williams on Loch Roag. {Ghillied by John Gray} Congratulations also to 16 year old Jamie Carruth who won the Outer Hebrides Fisheries trust, Catch and Release for 2016. Jamie a regular visit to South Uist with his father hooked and returned his fresh run Sea Trout of 4lb 10ozs on Loch Fada in October. His fish took the clan chief. {Ghillied by Colin Mackenzie} Some notable day catches in the season. Fada in July 5 for 172ozs best was 56ozs. Fada in July 10 for 216ozs best was 36ozs. Roag in July 8 for 168ozs best was 38ozs. Fada in August 10 for 280ozs best was 72ozs. Schoolhouse in August 4 for 160ozs best was 56ozs. Roag in August 4 for 128ozs best was 64ozs. Lower Kildonan in September 4 for 128ozs best was 48ozs. Fada in September 6 for 168ozs best was 52ozs. Fada in September 1 for 128ozs. Roag in September 2 for 204ozs best was 104ozs. Castle in September 1 for 64ozs. Roag in October 12 for 250ozs best was 24ozs. Roag in October 2 for 88ozs best was 56ozs. Fada in October 8 for 232ozs best was 72ozs. Fada in October 10 for 232ozs best was 40ozs. Salmon Summary 2016 Fada 33 70ozs 112ozs Roag 17 70ozs 105ozs Lower Kildonan 1 72ozs 72ozs Schoolhouse 6 97ozs 276ozs Best Salmon caught in October was 276ozs by Mr MacKay on Schoolhouse. {Ghillied By Colin Mackenzie}